Below are a few examples of the many fiction and nonfiction projects we have worked on. Do you have questions about our past work? Just send us a note—we would love to talk to you about it.

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Some Thoughts from Our clients

Thank for being made of awesome, Michael! I think you’re brilliant. I’m grateful for the polish you put on this manuscript.


Amy Bartol, author of Traitor Born

… amazing thoroughness and concentration. [Michael] caught a couple of things that were really arcane.


Yuri Machkasov, translator of The Gray House

[We] really enjoy working with you and have come to value and depend upon your advice and keen eye for detail.


Greg Donofrio, past editor of Preservation Education and Research

[Michael’s] notes were all very good and right on the story. It was a delight to track behind him.


Kirk Russell, author of Signature Wounds

Michael … indulged my quirks, saved me from an inexplicable collective pronoun, and always put readers first.


Luke Jerod Kummer, author of The Blue Period