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This repository of Word macros, templates, and other tools is provided to simplify downloading.


Downloading Files

Selecting a link will display the macro code if the target is a macro text file. To download a text file, right click on the link and select the Save Link As... option. Alternately, you may copy and paste the code from the browser window into the Word VBA Code window.

Files are packaged with all functions, subroutines, or other files they rely on. You will need to delete any duplicate functions or subroutines.


Macros may contain code borrowed from other sources that have been made freely available by their authors. Wherever possible I have identified these sources in the macro description and in macro code comments.


The authors have tested these macros, but it is possible that they contain undiscovered bugs. We do not warrantee the fitness of this code, and anyone choosing to use the files provided here accepts sole responsibility for any consequences arising from their use.

If you locate any errors or bugs in these tools, please let us know by sending an email to michael@BergerPlusSchuler.com. Thank you!


Count Highlighting (Updated 2020-08-28): This macro counts the total number of highlighted passages in the selection and how many times each color appears. It also alerts the user if white highlighting or contiguous highlighting are located. Part of the code is taken from the macro GoAwayGray by Valerie and Guy Paquin.

Highlight From Word List (Updated 2020-08-28): This macro extracts terms from a word list (saved as a Word document with one word per paragraph) and highlights all identically spelled and capitalized appearances in another document.

Highlight Terms Body (Updated 2020-08-28): This macro highlights all identically spelled and capitalized appearances of the selected word in the body of a document.

Analysis and Administration

Count Chapter Words (Updated 2020-08-30): This macro counts words between headings that use a particular Word style and then exports the results to a new document. Exported information includes the heading text, the page the heading appears on, and the number of words (including words in the heading). It also counts words appearing before the first heading.


Extract Comments For Read Aloud (Updated 2020-08-28): This macro (based on ExtractCommentsToNewDoc by Leni Friborg) exports all comments to a new document and formats them to facilitate use of Word's Read Aloud tool. It uses the ClearFindAndReplaceParameters subroutine (included) from the Word MVP Site.

Display and Navigation

Go To Cross-Referenced Page (Updated 2020-05-29): This macro, intended for working with cross-reference page numbers, takes a selection consisting of a page number, opens a split-screen view of that page, and moves the cursor to the beginning of it.

Word Styles

Change Style Shading (Updated 2020-08-29): This macro facilitates adding shading to the Word style used by the current selection.

Unshade Styles (Updated 2020-08-29): This macro removes any shading that is part of the definition of the Word style used by the current selection.

Style Sheets

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Miscellaneous Macros

Toggle Between Dictionaries (Updated 2020-08-28): This macro toggles the default dictionary setting between two custom dictionaries. It is intended to facilitate saving project-specific terms in one dictionary and permanent dictionary additions in another.

Web Search Launcher (Updated 2020-08-29): This form-enabled macro takes the selection and uses it as the search term for a user-selected website. It uses code from the macro MerriamFetch by Paul Beverley. The .ZIP file provided contains form and macro modules, a Word document containing website data, and an instruction file that explains how to install the components.