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We thought that it would be nice to create a spot on our website where we can share software-related tips, news about what we are up to, and our thoughts about writing and editing. If you come across anything that you think we should write about, feel free to drop us a note.



Swapping User Names

Here’s a macro that will help you quickly switch between user names in Word.

Tools for Style Setters

Determining what formatting has been applied in Word can be a bit tricky, but two hidden tools can provide some assistance.

Counting Words by Chapter

A new macro, based on existing code from online forums, quickly creates a words-per-chapter count.

An Inline Commenting Macro

The process of entering and styling inline comments is simplified through the use of this very short macro.

Get Inline

Members of the EFA provided some great opinions on the pros and cons of using inline comments, which I’ve summarized.